How to Fix PUBG Mobile Lite Crash Problem?

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This tutorial will guide you through the step-by-step tutorial on How to Fix PUBG Mobile Lite Crash Problem? In the recent update, most users are facing a major problem: Game Crashes, Game Not Loading, Game Crash in the Middle of the Match, etc.

By researching the issue, I have found two solutions that help fix the PUBG Mobile Lite game crash problem. These fixes worked well for me, and I’m sure you can also fix the game crash problem by following this guide.

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Here I want to drop a suggestion that avoid using game crash config file. Because if you use any type of game crash config file your ID will be banned.

How to Fix PUBG Mobile Lite Crash Problem? [Method 1]

  1. Launch PUBG Mobile Lite
  2. Log out of the game
  3. Click Repair on the login page
    Click Repair on the login page
  4. Tick Routine Repair > Ok
    Tick Routine Repair srcset= Ok”>
  5. Restart the game > Login with your account

However, in some cases, Method 1 may not be enough. If you continue encountering the PUBG Lite game crash, we recommend trying Method 2.

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How to Fix PUBG Mobile Lite Crash Problem? [Method 2]

  1. Start a match in any map you want to play
  2. Minimize the game
  3. Remove the game from minimized window
  4. Relaunch the game
  5. A popup will appear”Enter match again?
    A popup will appear"Enter match again?"
  6. Press Ok to enter the match again
  7. But during the match, you must avoid looting the opponent’s crate.

You can do all the game tasks except looting your opponent’s crate; if you try to collect your opponent’s equipment, the game might crash again.

Here is a quick video tutorial that will help you understand Method 2 in a better way and fix the PUBG Lite game crash issue.

That’s all about How to Fix PUBG Mobile Lite Crash Problem? If you face any type of issue with PUBG Mobile Lite Please let us know in the below comments and we will bring its solution.

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