PUBG Mobile Lite New Update 2023 Release Date

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Are you waiting for PUBG Mobile Lite New Update 2023 Release Date? If Yes, here in this article, you will know about the PUBG Mobile Lite Update 0.26.0, releasing on 25 September 2023. In the latest PUBG Lite update, many changes have been made.

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PUBG Mobile Lite New Update 2023 Release Date

PUBG Mobile Lite New Update 2023 Release Date is 25 September 2023. On 6 March 2023, the previous update, v0.25.0, was released on the Google Play Store and the official website

GamePUBG Mobile Lite
Update Version0.26.0
Old Version0.25.0
Release Date25 September 2023

In this update, Varenga Map is remastered; and many changes have been made, such as building and floor color, and the game is optimized to deliver the best experience.

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  1. sachinhk57 says:

    Please crush fix and high level config users please ban IDs high anti cheating

    1. Bro config and crash

      1. Vallepu venkatesh says:

        game full crashed login problem fix and solved please comfast update give fix the Game hackers id ban immediately please..0.26.0 version update give


    2. Talha khan says:

      PLZZ gets room cards in royal pass PLZZ πŸ€’

    3. Please fix crash problem and ban to confirm users…it is in lot of quantity of config users …. please you must
      banned him….

  2. RASIKA BIRUA says:

    Hello sir good morning πŸŒ„πŸŒ„πŸŒ„πŸŒ„πŸŒ„

  3. In this game haker are so many.
    And the game will be crach.
    Please ban the config users.

    1. Warish Haidar says:

      Pubg mobile lite 0.26.0 update date

    2. Give me pubg lite dowled

  4. Faheem Khan says:

    Kindly Please Give an update and banned those hackers , file user and many those bull shit player. i am faheem khan and played this game but some problem of game i leave this game.

  5. Basant kumar says:

    New update kab aaga 0.26

    1. Maheshmengal says:

      Pubg mobile lite new update apk download my

  6. Jitesh kamalakar Mali says:

    Hii kyaa pung update kab tak Aa Jaye ga

    1. Suraj rajbhar says:

      Pubg lite ka update kab aaega

  7. Muslim Ghalji7 says:

    Please i need 2000 bc please pubg lite developer give me 2000 bc please

  8. Muslim Ghalji7 says:

    Please i need 2000 bc please pubg lite developer give me 2000 bc please

    My id = 71115558786

  9. Rajputana 841312 says:

    Crash problem fix kar do

  10. Warish Haidar says:

    Pubg mobile lite 0.26.0 update date

  11. Why should we buy BC from you. Because pubg mobile lite is full of cheaters, all the players are cheating, the bullets of the cheater players are hitting through the walls and houses, and the target of the cheater players automatically hits the opponent. . If you don’t improve the game then all of us players will leave pubg mobile lite.

  12. Please release new update πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™…and ban config users…and fix crash problem πŸ™πŸ™

  13. Please fix crash problem πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™….and release new update πŸ™πŸ™..

  14. Hanif ayan says:

    Please update 😭😭😭

  15. Plzz crash problem fix

    1. Yash dayanand vaity says:

      Crash problem solve

  16. Kaif siddique says:

    Crash problem and config problem please ban and playstore comeback old pubg please

  17. Talha khan says:

    PLZZ gets room card in royal pass PLZZπŸ€’

  18. Creas problem solved please

  19. You must banned to config users

  20. Sagarkoli says:

    Pubg mobile lite
    Lag fix

  21. Yash dayanand vaity says:

    Hello pubg Mobile lite update please 0.26

  22. Please stop the crash problem of the game and remove every gamers tht are using hack. Change a lot of things in the game and make it fun again as it once was.

  23. Please add more maps and modes. Change the design of the game and the UI. Change the buildings. Bring back the report system that allows us to report other users.