PUBG MOBILE LITE Season19 Tier Reset – PUBG LITE Next Season Tier Drop

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PUBG MOBILE LITE Tier Reset: In the game, the new season starts after every 3 months, and the tier rank of every player resets at the beginning of the new season. Here you will find complete details about tier drop and at which rank you will be demoted from the current ranking.

What Does Tier Reset Mean?

Tier reset is a player’s rank change after the beginning of a new season. The ranking of a player changes according to their previous rank. Suppose your rank in the current season is Conqueror, then in the next season tier drop, it will be Platinum I. It happens for all tiers except Bronze and Silver.

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PUBG MOBILE LITE Tier Reset - PUBG LITE Next Season Tier Drop

PUBG MOBILE LITE Season 19 Tier Reset

Current TierSeason 19 Tier
Bronze VBronze V
Bronze IVBronze IV
Bronze IIIBronze III
Bronze IIBronze II
Bronze IBronze I
Silver VSilver V
Silver IVSilver IV
Silver IIISilver III
Silver IISilver II
Silver ISilver I
Gold VGold V
Gold IVGold V
Gold IIIGold V
Gold IIGold V
Gold IGold IV
Platinum VGold IV
Platinum IVGold IV
Platinum IIIGold III
Platinum IIGold III
Platinum IGold III
Diamond VGold II
Diamond IVGold II
Diamond IIIGold II
Diamond IIGold I
Diamond IGold I
Crown VPlatinum V
Crown IVPlatinum V
Crown IIIPlatinum IV
Crown IIPlatinum IV
Crown IPlatinum III
Ace 1-6 StarPlatinum II
Ace 6 Stars PlusPlatinum I
ConquerorPlatinum I

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For a better understanding of tier reset, here is a video explanation that will help you understand the system properly.

That’s all about PUBG MOBILE LITE Season 19 Tier Reset – PUBG LITE Next Season Tier Drop. If you are confused about next season’s rank reset, drop them in the comments below, and we will help with its answer.

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